Term and conditions

1. The 'De nieuwe Regeling 2011: Rechtsrelatie opdrachtgever-architect, ingenieur en adviseur DNR 2011' applies to the eventual granting of the commission. These regulations can be provided digitally if the (future) client requires so.

2. Our activities only start after a written commission has been issued. A commission covers both the substantive and the financial part of the cost estimate.

3. We assume that recent digital maps with trees, cables and pipes, height measurements and other relevant data of the area are available and will be handed over at the start of the project (as an AutoCAD file). Our quotations do not take into account the surveying or production of new maps of the project area.

4. All activities and meetings, in so far as they are not described in the quotation, which prove necessary for the progress of the planning process, will, after consultation with the client, be charged for as additional work on the basis of time spent at the stated hourly rates.

5. Our quotations do not take into account the preparation of strength calculations, working drawings and cost estimates.

6. In the case of a shortcoming attributable to Marseille Buiten resulting in direct damage, the damage to be compensated per commission shall be limited to an amount equal to the consultancy costs.

7. Possible price decisions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs concerning VAT and/or other costs can increase the quoted amount during the planning process.