New assignment: Museumkwartier Vlaardingen

A fantastic new assignment in Vlaardingen. BLAUW, commissioned by BPD, designed a new residential area at a historic location in Vlaardingen. The plan is based on a strong connection between the new building and the monumental warehouses. Based on the vision drawn up by BLAUW, we will help with the design of the public space. 

Achter de Tuintjes Gilze approved

The aesthetics committee of Gilze approved our plan for the outside area for Achter de Tuintjes sports complex. The building was designed by Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde Architects. In our plan, we placed the parking in a strict space, so that the rest of the area can be used for greenery. Because of this division, the large existing trees are better integrated.

New project in Wildlands Emmen

Just before Christmas, we received a very interesting new project: in addition to the Elephanthouse of Wildlands, together with Drielanden Bomen, we can design a new experience garden on a vacant lot of 4,000 m2. The herbs grown here will be used in the restaurants, children will come here for environmental education and the plan will also be a good habitat for bees, insects, frogs and salamanders.

Construction started at Campus De Terp Wieringerwerf

Alderman Mary van Gent unveiled the new board for Campus De Terp, indicating the start of construction. This moment was shared together with local residents. The project is now officially underway. They will begin with building the new school and the swimming pool. Our plan will be realized in the course of 2024.

Through this link you can watch a video about the opening.

Interview Jeroen in Slokker Magazine

Slokker Magazine contains an article about Haveneiland Leeuwarden. For the new Middelsee district, we have designed a beautiful plan in collaboration with De Zwarte Hond. The neighborhood includes 45 homes, 35 apartments and commercial spaces. The waterside and harbor form a beautiful connection with the Van Harinxma Canal.

Plan for the Besloten Wal Leek finished

Commissioned by Heutink Groep, together with BDG Architecten we designed a residential area with 32 ground-level homes, 8 detached and 14 semi-detached homes, 5 tiny houses and 5 life-resistant homes. This unique diversity of housing will create a vital neighbourhood. The outdoor space has been designed as naturally as possible. The inhabitants will work together to maintain these green spaces. In this way, the residents contribute to joint responsibility and management.

Marseille Buiten at the Openbare Ruimte Plein

Marseille Buiten was at the Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte on both days. We had our own stand at the Het Openbare Ruimte Plein which we designed. With the design of the square, we explained relevant themes in outdoor space. We enjoyed talking to all visitors about what is important in public space and what makes our profession so fascinating.

Dag van de Openbare Ruimte

On 5 and 6 October, the Jaarbeurs Utrecht will again host the Dag van de Openbare Ruimte. Central part of the event each year is het Plein. This is the heart of the exhibition and this year we designed it. The design subtly touches on the themes of paving, green, drainage, reuse and sustainability.