Achter de Tuintjes – Gilze

Commissioned by
Grosfeld Bekkers Van der Velde Architecten
Surface area
4.400 m2
In cooperation with
Rod’or Advies

At the start of 2020 we won a tender, together with Grosfeld Bekkers Van der Velde Architecten, for reconstructing the existing old sports hall ‘Achter de Tuintjes’ and renovation of the square. The square was no more than a bare parking lot. Still, its location right in the village and the already existing solid green structure along the edges offered potential for drawing up a concept which had further greening at its core. In the design we pushed back parking to the edges of the square, so that much space has evolved for planting, sitting edges and terraces along the facade. The existing work of art ‘Doorgroei’ by Theo Coenen is maintained in the design.