Bisschop de Vetplein – Gilze

Commissioned by
Gemeente Gilze en Rijen
Surface area
In cooperation with
Rod’or Advies
Marseille Buiten, Paulien Varkevisser

The goal for this square was to create more residential quality, and reduce the spatial division that it had. The plan also had to connect to the existing green quality of the park Mollebos, lying behind it. It also entailed fitting in a place for the market.

In our design we emphasised the original five roads-conjunction by surrounding it with as much green as possible. The green quality of the Mollebos was thereby connected to the square. The market function has been made less obvious by making the whole square suitable for market stalls. The existing difference in height has been resolved by lowering the square floor along the natural stone edges to the level of the especially designed ‘Gilze-goot’. This 30 cm wide gutter grid has been shaped in a number of abstract images that refer to the history of Gilze. The tree pit, over a thousand years old, has been moved to the drain line, allowing the story of Gilze’s history to be told by the drain and the pit.