Blok Y Veemarkt – Utrecht

Commissioned by
Initiatiefgroep BlokY (CPO)
Marc Koehler Architects
Surface area
In cooperation with
Belverde tuin en landschap

In the past couple of years, the Veemarkt terrain in Utrecht has been transformed into a residential area with around 600 houses. One of the building blocks that has been developed with Collectief Particulier Opdrachtgeverschap (CPO) (= collective private commissioning) is Block Y. With Block Y, Marc Koehler Architects realized the so-called concept of Superlofts.

These are thirty large freely designable houses with an internal parking space and a roof garden which may be partially collectively used. In close cooperation with the residents we elaborated the design for the roof garden. Together, we also established the criteria for access of the public spaces to the building. We adapted the bankline of the watercourse at the backside of the block, and created a smooth transition between facade and pavement at the frontside by green minigardens.

The deck has been fitted out with half-hardened and concrete elements, corten steel, and wood. Between the perennials in the plant-beds are multi-stem trees.