Campus de Terp – Wieringerwerf

Commissioned by
Gemeente Hollands Kroon
TenW, Slangen+Koenis
Surface area
11.2 ha
In cooperation with
vanaf 2023

The mound, constructed in 1927, is a rectangular flat lump in the flat landscape of the Wieringermeer. It is the first thing you see when you enter the village from the A7 and is the calling card of Wieringerwerf. The municipality Hollands Kroon decided to revaluate the mound and its direct environment, labelled the area as a sports campus and in addition to the existing sports – and educational functions, a new swimming pool and a school building were added.

We formulated a vision of the area in which the term ‘campus’ occupies centre stage. In our design, three straight paths around a central residential square create a recognisable pattern in its environment. One path cuts into the mound, thus enhancing the experience of its volume. At the end of that special path is a viewpoint to the open polder landscape on the southside of the design plan.

Around the campus path, a system of different paths allows for walks, but is also suitable for sports and physical exercise such as BMX biking, running, fitness, skating or freerunning. 

The mound thus again becomes a calling card of Wieringerwerf.