Charlemagne College Eijkhagen – Landgraaf

Commissioned by
BDG architecten
Surface area
7.6 ha

At the southeast edge of Landgraaf, adjacent to the Eikenbos, the existing Charlemagne College Eijkhagen building is replaced by a new building. BDG architecten won the tender for this project in 2021 and contacted us for the design of the outdoor space.

The plot is large and contains a difference in height of several metres. Around the plot is a thick edge of oak and beech trees and southwards one can walk into the Eikenbos. A bit further on is a vantage point on the area around the German frontier.

Our plan is based on a landscape approach with paths, parking spaces and sports and play facilities. West of the building lies a good number of bicycle parking places, divided into three lobes. From there, pupils walk along a half-hardened path to the main entrance. The path meanders across the terrain, touches the sports fields and encloses an outdoor classroom with experimental gardens, a retention pond with sitting edges and a number of overgrown pergolas.