Cornelis Douwes 2 – Amsterdam-Noord

Commissioned by
Gemeente Amsterdam/Grond en Ontwikkeling
Surface area
3.700m 2
Marseille Buiten, Maarten Noordijk

Damen shiprepair, which is located on a part of the former NDSM-wharf, makes use of an asphalted square in order to drive in and out of the repair hall with heavy machines. Around that square several new industrial buildings have been built on an ascending surface level.

The Municipality of Amsterdam commissioned us to design the reverse construction around the square and adjacent residential square. The height difference of 1.20 metres has been bridged with a gabion wall. The industrial character of the spot has been translated into the design by adding a sturdy steel profile on the gabion wall of which the upper flange continues on the retaining wall.

The square bridges the same height difference. The design is constructed in surfaces of 6 x 6 metres, which allows for step-by-step ascending of the square. Each surface is framed by an anthracite concrete ridge. Bordering the Tt. Vasumweg is a group of maples, planted in the square floor, whilst big green spaces have been left open against the building. The big wooden benches thus allow visitors to enjoy in a sheltered way the huge cranes and the sea ships in the docks.