De Besloten Wal – Leek

Commissioned by
Heutink Groep
BDG architecten
Surface area
2 ha
In cooperation with

Oostindie, a new residential area south of Leek, is realized in phases from 2006 on. The municipality Westerkwartier launched a call for tender for a lot of roughly 2 hectares. Our team won the tender.

Together with the architect we designed a strong spatial concept which allowed for the creation of 44 houses in loose and varying configurations. The building programme is designed as diverse as it can possibly be with detached and semi-detached houses, lifetime-compatible homes, tiny houses and social rent. This variety will make this quarter appealing and attractive to residents of all ages and different needs.

Public space has been loosely designed, not consisting of a roadway with parking spaces but of a hardened surface. This offers possibilities for play and dimensions dictate where to park and where not. The frontier between public and private is at once apparent in the design. No individual fences or hedges but a continuing zone of various kinds of perennials. This green masks the entrances towards the lots and creates unity in the field. The zone planting plan seeks a clear contrast with the smooth outer edge around the field.