Exercitieplein Simon Stevin – Ede

Commissioned by
Gemeente Ede
Surface area
9.000 m2
Planting plan
Sanne Horn

The Gemeente Ede developed a new residential quarter on the ground of the former Simon Stevin barracks. This consists of around 200 apartments and 350 ground-level houses, divided into 16 building lots. Together with the former Elias Beeckman barracks and the Prins Maurits Noord en Zuid barracks, the Simon Stevin barracks has developed into an attractive green, new edge of town thanks to the lush greenery and the still extant historical buldings. 

In the new plan, the former parade ground forms the entrance and is the only square in the new residential quarter. Based on the points of departure determined by the municipality, we designed a square space with a rigid, strict pattern of plant areas, square surfaces and sitting edges. This approach causes the two roadways of the Piet Romboutlaan, which opens the whole quarter to the Parklaan, to become naturally absorbed in the square space.

The sleek raised ground with lines, shapes and planes accommodate large green areas lodging sturdy and exuberant greenery. A collection of trees trickles from the forest edge onto the square, connecting the opening to the square floor. 

A big sitting edge frames the central square surface. That part shows corten steel guard houses which refer to the military past and are play facilities and art work at the same time. Tall lamp posts illuminate the square.