Fencing De Mirandabad - Amsterdam

Commissioned by
Municipality of Amsterdam
In cooperation with
RU+PA, Grijsen, Drielanden Bomen

In collaboration with Rudy Uytenhaak architects+partners, we drew up a vision for the old building of the characteristic swimming pool including the outdoor area. The original plan was built by Nico Lansdorp in 1932, of which only the 50m outdoor pool remains. The building is no longer energy-efficient and this sustainability task will be combined with improving the outdoor space. 

We produced a vision and sketch design for the sunbathing area and outdoor pools, replacing the 50m pool with a new indoor pool to be built. The design links the landscape with the surrounding Martin Luther Kingpark and the entrance square on De Mirandalaan. We also designed a fence over 3 metres high, replacing Lansdorp's original and now sagging wall.

Due to various reasons, the design process came to a halt in 2021, but the fencing could be realised. Grijsen further developed our design technically and took care of construction. The fence is made up of curved steel strips, which at an angle create a veiled view through. Looking at right angles to the fence, that view disappears, making bathers invisible from closer range.