IJsbaanlocatie – Den Burg Texel

Commissioned by
VKZ Bilthoven
Surface area

South of Den Burg lies the former Ice Rink. Due to climate change, the function of this site is changing. Skating is no longer done there. A number of new (educational) functions are being built around the site. The residents have many wishes: park, garden, play garden, sports, resting, fishing, kite flying, small events as well as parking. Not all these functions combine well, and sometimes they are not desirable at the location. To find out what most stakeholders think about the site, VKZ conducted a large number of on-site interviews and inventories. Based on this exploration, we created an illustration of three conceptual models. 

Using these models, we presented the study to interested parties in October 2021. The evaluation of this presentation was submitted to the City Council, which will determine the direction for further elaboration.