IKC Rummerinkhof – Haren

Commissioned by
BDG architecten
Surface area
4.800 m2

A few days before the deadline of the tender, Jeroen Marseille drew up the first plan for this project. This took place during a Teams meeting about another project. While Teams was on one screen, BricsCAD was visible on another screen. The plan, with an Integraal Kind Centrum (IKC) for 400 pupils and with an indoor gym which can be used by the local neighbours after school hours, is based on green areas to play in around the building. The existing line of trees around the lot forms a beautiful frame.

The various parts of the square for lower and middle school pupils constitute a play-and-discovery landscape. Using steel profiles from the old building, several pergola constructions were built, as well as a covered part of the bicycle shed and a balance beam across the wadi. As a result, re-use of materials is noticeable and functional.

In partnership with Sweco we drew up a vision for the broader environment. One in which the school yard aligns perfectly with the adjacent school and which provides space for the kiss-and-ride traffic without leaving an empty parking lot during the day.