Art route - Zwolle

Commissioned by
Studio Ram Katzir
In cooperation with
HertogNadler, Yuka Yoshida
2014-2015, 2020
2015, 2021

The Arts Route Zwolle is a sculpture route designed by HertogNadler and Studio Ram Katzir. It connects the station with the inner city and it guides the visitors along a number of sculptures.

In the new station tunnel, a video installation has been realized by HertogNadler. When leaving the tunnel, visitors walk along a 300 yards long meandering bronze line to the city centre. The path has been divided into five segments. Along this path, various sculptures made by Studio Ram Katzir refer to the past, the present, and the future.

By walking along the route the visitors connect these places mutually, thereby becoming part of the art themselves.

During the selection fase Jeroen Marseille worked on landscape integration, then elaborated the details of the bronze line, and coordinated the construction supervision.