Margriethal – Rijen

Commissioned by
Gemeente Gilze en Rijen
Surface area
9.000 m2

In 1972, swimming pool Tropical and the adjoining Margriethal, a sports hall, was officially opened as the first recreational swimming pool by princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven. The swimming pool has been replaced by De Butter, but the sports hall is being newly designed and built. Below the swimming pool an apartment block arose.

In the middle of a residential area, and within the existing forest room of coniferous and deciduous trees, we designed a maximum green plan around these two new buildings. Maintaining as many existing trees as possible was paramount. In close cooperation with a group of local inhabitants we accomplished a plan in which parking spaces have been realized around the edge. Pedestrian walkways look like forest paths in a total design including forest plants, sturdy vegetation and a surrounding lawn.