Montessori kindcentrum Mio Mondo – Amstelveen

Commissioned by
Gemeente Amstelveen
Surface area
5880 m2
Marseille Buiten, Maarten Noordijk

Commissioned by the municipality of Amstelveen, we designed a plan for a schoolyard open to the public around the new 1st Montessori school (now called Mio Mondo) at the green canal along the Burgemeester Haspelslaan.

There were three points of departure for the outdoors design. It should connect to the existing green-structure. A smart combination of playing space and parking space had to be created. And the emphasis should lie on playing in an adventurous and natural environment.

Our design is based on enlarging the playing space of the square. We have done this by lengthening the edge, by adding large green spaces in the square, and by ensuring that the car park is a combined sports field outside the kiss-and-ride hours.