NDSM-werf Amsterdam

Commissioned by
Gemeente Amsterdam/Ruimte en Duurzaamheid
Surface area
38 ha
In cooperation with
MINTSKE landschapsontwerp
deels, 2018-2020

The municipality of Amsterdam gave Jeroen Marseille the assignment of developing a vision for the whole terrain. From this vision, he also worked out the surface level designs for a large number of partial projects. On the one hand he was asked for his vision of the complete project, and on the other hand there were concrete and particular questions about detail specifications and materialization. The project became so huge that we took on board Mintske Sijsma as partners. We worked as a team on the outside space of Nautique Living, the Noordstrook, the Pontplein, Helling 5, the Waterpark, Wharf-east phase 1 and the boardwalk B10.

Finally, our design for Helling 1 was completed, as was the outside space surrounding residential building block Nautique Living, the layout of the Noordstrook, and a temporary park in the heart of the area. The elaborate design for the Pontplein, around the IJ-canteen, was completed in a strongly altered format after we had left the project.