Papendorp-Noord Utrecht

Commissioned by
Wissing ruimtelijke denkers
Surface area
8.3 ha

Papendorp is a high-grade office location of 150 hectares west of Kanaleneiland, and is perfectly unlocked on the A2 and A12 motorways. There is a fast public transport connection with Utrecht Centraal via the Prins Clausbrug. Together with West8, Wissing developed the urban and landscape plan from 2003-2009, much of which is completed. The northern part of the location remained open, waiting for further development. Linked with the plans for the carless Merwedekanaalzone and the Jaarbeurs area in Utrecht, there is an urgency to create a mobility hub in Papendorp. This will allow both visitors of the city or the quarter Papendorp and inhabitants of the new quarters to park their car and travel on with high-grade public transport. This is a new concept for The Netherlands.

Wissing was commissioned by the Gemeente Utrecht to draw up a coherent Planological Programme of Requirements (PPoR) for the mobility hub, De Taats and Groenewoud Noord. This new area will see a strong mix of working and living, something which was so far lacking in Papendorp. We were asked to develop the PPoR for the public space.

For the different parts of the plan, we designed the visual framework rules for inner courtyards, connections, a square, the shore park, the water park and the forest park. We also designed a slope park against the slope of the Martin Luther Kinglaan.

According to the approved PPoR, we will develop the plans further towards a Preliminary Design.