Rijnsburgersingel en Maresingel – Leiden

Commissioned by
Gemeente Leiden
Surface area
18.800 m2
Marseille Buiten, Buro JP

In 2014 we were commissioned by the Gemeente Leiden to design the outer edge of the Singelpark, based on the visual quality plan made by LOLA. This visual quality plan included a profile. It finally took three years before the design was ready.

The new design of the Maresingel was meant to reduce traffic speed from 50 km/hr to 30 km/hr. A narrower profile provided the space needed to insert a footpath along the waterside. Wonderful indeed to experience the Singelpark also from the outer side. The profile drained largely onto the houses, a problem which was resolved by toppling the slope; this, however, led to a complicated puzzle related with height, because most of the existing trees had to be maintained.

In close contact with local inhabitants this was resolved in the end. The street profile, with a length of 1.200 metres is now the blueprint for the principle which will be followed for the whole Leidse Singel, approximately 6 kilometres total.