Schipperplein – Almere

Commissioned by
PBS Gemeente Almere
Surface area
3100 m2
Marseille Buiten, Raymond Dekker

The Schipperplein is the only square in the city centre of Almere which lies below the elevated surface level, but the utility value of the square’s original design by DS proved to be limited, especially during summer. In winter, however, the frivolous skating rink provided much liveliness. The square around the skating rink was paved asphalt.

The municipality of Almere commissioned us to work towards a maximum greening and an overall improvement of the square’s utility based on the original design. Our design transformed the paved Schipperplein into a colourfully enclosed garden with an undulating landscape of ornamental planting around the existing pond/skating rink and a new bamboo wooden boardwalk.

The garden shows a unifying lineation with an arrangement of lifted plant-beds. These are filled with both shadow-loving plants and ornamental plants. The existing trees have nearly all been preserved. Between the trees are big benches made to measure.