Valkbrug – Leiden

Commissioned by
Gemeente Leiden
In cooperation with
Marseille Buiten, Buro JP

The new Valkbrug is an essential component of our surface ground design for the Lammermarkt. This bridge creates a new city gate to Leiden and marks the spot of the historical bastion. The point of departure for the bridge design is continuing the design language of the square across the water of the Rijnsburgersingel. This creates a maximum unity between surface level and bridge, connecting the design language of the Lammermarkt to the Schuttersveld.

Ney&partners cooperated with us in drawing up the visual quality plan. This became the basis for the bridge design to be developed by the building contractor. This plan prescribed that the bridge consists of four ‘fingers’, allowing daylight to reach the water. This is important as the curve of the canal is relatively sharp for boats. The bridge parts are each composed of two differently shaped girders. These have been put together alternately and each form an integral bridge. This creates a unique pattern of lines at the underside of the bridge, further enhanced by the lighting.

The railings of the bridge are made of cast aluminum and refer to plant shapes. A major component of the assignment was the design for the new crossroads Schuttersveld/Rijnsburgersingel, which due to the splitting of the bridge parts no longer requires traffic lights.