Waluwe – Zaltbommel

Commissioned by
Gemeente Zaltbommel
Surface area
6.800 m2

At the end of 2022 the last houses will have been delivered in the new neighbourhood quarter De Waluwe. Next to the A2 motorway and surrounded by several schools, the quarter will house the new swimming pool and the sports complex of Zaltbommel. 

The major task lay in designing the big parking programme. On the A2-side we opted for a more formal and clean design language allowing the parking space to fit rigidly to the entrance square of the building. On the west side the building connects to the residential area. We designed parking spaces in a gentle and landscape-wise way here. Planting and winding paths connect the residential area in a natural way with the sports hall. 

The building ‘touches’ the public space with three entrance squares, each with its own function. There is a main entrance, a school entrance, and a terrace entrance. These squares are realized and detailed in a specific concrete stone, thereby creating a form-and-colour affinity with the materials of the building facades.