Westergouwe – Gouda

Commissioned by
Surface area
10.000 m2
In cooperation with
Rod’or Advies

Gouda is building the quarter Westergouwe, with at its heart a green-blue park structure in which Kindcentrum ‘De Ontdekkingsreizigers’ will be constructed. This child centre is combined with a residential tower. The new building of the child centre accommodates 1.200 children and has a strong relationship with the surrounding greenery and the neighbourhood. Mid 2021, BDP, together with Jeroen Marseille, won the tender for this project.

In our plan we build a compact building, leaving as much green space as possible for playing, learning and discovering. The programme for the outer space is extensive and is aimed at the functions of the Kindcentrum such as playing areas, bicycle parking, sand pits and storerooms. These functions are attractively integrated in the park structure of the landscape. This creates an adventurous setting in which children, local residents or passers-by are led from place to place with surprising views. A large part of the design is focused on sporting and exercise for the youth, but the quarter also lodges other people. Therefore, the waterside park has something to offer for everyone, from walking, observing the reed banks for bitterns, or enjoying a fresh fruit juice in the orchard.

In April 2022, the cooperation ended at the level of concept Preliminary Design.