Zwembad de Wisselslag – Venlo

Commissioned by
Surface area
1.3 ha

In the middle of the Venlo quarter of Blerick lies Zwembad De Wisselslag. This outdated swimming pool is replaced by a totally new one. Together with Slangen+Koenis we won the tender for this project.

The quality of the location is determined by the existing tall trees around and within the area.

The building concept is fully based on maintaining the existing trees. The programme consists of ‘loose’ units around and between the trees. This creates an unusual layout with a strong connection between indoors and outdoors. 

In the same, compact manner, the landscape connects to the existing green quality. We do not design a standard parking lot, but create a number of hardened ‘shards’ facilitating parking, driving and walking. This creates an optimal relation between the building itself and the landscape. The trees are in their own green plane, using the same design language. The planting plan too follows these same principles.